The following labels apply on timetables:

S operates during school term only

H operates during school holidays only

W Wheelchair friendly service

Operates: Weekdays

Train Number
start: Kramerville Terminal15:4516:1517:00
Katherine St | Strathavon15:4616:1617:01
Katherine St/Harris St | Barlow Park15:4716:1717:02
Grayston Drv/Linden St | Simba15:4916:1917:04
Grayston Drv/Webber Rd | Sandown15:5116:2117:06
Grayston Drv/Rivonia Rd | Sandton15:5216:2217:07
Grayston Drv/Esterhuyzen St | Sandton15:5316:2317:08
West St/Fredman Drv | Sandton (inbound)15:5416:2417:09
Fredman Drv/Sandown Valley Cres | Sandton15:5416:2417:09
5th St/Alice Ln | Sandton15:5516:2517:10
5th St/Rivonia Rd | Sandton15:5616:2617:11
Rivonia Rd/Pybus Rd | Sandton15:5616:2617:11
Rivonia Rd/Protea Rd | Chislehurston (inbound)15:5816:2817:13
Rivonia Rd/Eton Rd | Chislehurston15:5916:2917:14
Rivonia Rd/Melville Rd | Sandhurst Ext 115:5916:2917:14
Rivonia Rd/Boundary Rd | Illovo (inbound)16:0116:3117:16
Central Ave/Rivonia Rd | Illovo (inbound)16:0116:3117:16
Central Ave/1st Ave | Illovo16:0216:3217:17
Central Ave nr 6th Ave | Inanda16:0416:3417:19
Cross Ave/South Ave | Winston Ridge16:0416:3417:19
Copley Ave/Atholl-Oaklands Rd | Winston Ridge16:0516:3517:20
Winston Ridge Terminal16:0616:3617:21
Desborough Ave/Ladbroke Ln | Winston Ridge16:0616:3617:21
Melrose Blvd/Whiteley Rd | Melrose Arch16:0816:3817:23
Melrose Blvd/High St | Melrose Arch16:0916:3917:24
Atholl-Oaklands Rd/Scott St | Abbotsford16:1016:4017:25
Atholl-Oaklands Rd/1st St | Abbotsford16:1216:4217:27
Glenhove Rd nr 4th St | Oaklands16:1316:4317:28
Central St/15th Ave | Oaklands16:1416:4417:29
Central St/12th Ave | Oaklands16:1516:4517:30
Central St/8th Ave | Houghton Estate16:1616:4617:31
West St/Central St | Houghton Estate16:1716:4717:32
West St/Riviera Rd | Lower Houghton16:1716:4717:32
West St/2nd Ave | Houghton16:1816:4817:33
2nd Ave/4th St | Houghton16:1916:4917:34
Houghton Primary School16:2016:5017:35
Houghton Drv/3rd St | Houghton16:2016:5017:35
Houghton Drv/Munro Drv | Houghton16:2016:5017:35
Houghton Drv/4th St | Houghton16:2116:5117:36
Houghton Drv/Central St | Houghton Estate 16:2116:5117:36
Houghton Drv/West St | Houghton16:2216:5217:37
The Wilds16:2316:5317:38
Carse O'Gowrie Rd/Houghton Drv | Houghton Estate16:2416:5417:39
Carse O'Gowrie Rd/Boundary Rd | Parktown (inbound)16:2416:5417:39
Carse O'Gowrie Rd/York Rd | Parktown16:2516:5517:40
St Andrews Rd | Parktown16:2516:5517:40
Queens Rd/Junction Ave | Parktown (inbound)16:2616:5617:41
Queens Rd Princess Pl | Parktown16:2616:5617:41
Queens St/Empire Rd | Parktown16:2716:5717:42
Empire St/Clarendon Pl | Hillbrow16:2716:5717:42
Claim St/Goldreich St | Hillbrow16:2816:5817:43
Claim St/Pretoria St | Hillbrow16:2816:5817:43
Claim St/Esselen St | Hillbrow16:2916:5917:44
Claim St/Ockerse St | Hillbrow16:2916:5917:44
Claim St/Smit St | Hillbrow16:2916:5917:44
Claim St/Noord St | JHB CBD16:3017:0017:45
Jeppe St/Polly St | Jhb CBD16:3117:0117:46
Jeppe St/Troye St | Jhb CBD16:3117:0117:46
Jeppe St/Von Wielligh St | JHB CBD16:3217:0217:47
Jeppe St/ Von Brandis | JHB CBD16:3217:0217:47
Jeppe St/Sauer St | JHB CBD16:3417:0417:49
end: Stock Exchange Terminal16:3517:0517:50