Point System

A Re Yeng works on a point system, where the cost of a trip is a value that is based on a number of points.

You need a Connector card in order to use the system. The card costs R25, and upon purchasing the card you can choose to register your details or remain anonymous.

Amount Loaded value Cost per point
R9.50 8.00 R1.19
R11.50 10.00 R1.15
R13.50 12.00 R1.13
R31.50 30.00 R1.05
R60.00 60.00 R1.00
R80.00 96.00 R0.83
R100.00 120.00 R0.83
R150.00 180.00 R0.83
R200.00 240.00 R0.83
R350.00 440.00 R0.80

Cost of trips

The cost of trips is based on the straight line distance traveled, and each distance group incurs a number of points. Please refer to the table below:

Distance Points Charged
0 - 3km 8 points
3 - 8km 10 points
8 - 14km 12 points