Moving Gauteng

Moving you around Gauteng

About Us

Our mission with Moving Gauteng is to create a platform that provides information on integrated public transport in Gauteng.

Every year in South Africa, October is dedicated as Transport Month. In each year, everyone talks about all things related to public transport. The biggest common theme each year is about integrating public transport in Gauteng.

We are a small team of public transport and data enthusiasts who set out to take on the challenge of creating integrated public transport data. We created Moving Gauteng to be a platform to help commuters to move around Gauteng. We spend evenings and weekends mapping Gauteng's public transport network, tracking buses and calculating schedule timings, and building services on top of the data that we create.

How We Started

There once was a Google Map of Bus and Train routes around Gauteng.

We have taken that map and created an interactive way of finding your way around Gauteng with its information.

Our mission is to make it easy for you to move around Gauteng!